Drivers, teams, owners, builders, promoters, sponsors, media, fans and families have made Iowa dominant in the number of race tracks per capita and the second state in the nation with the number of registered race drivers. The importance of racing in Iowa was established in the early l900’s and continues today.

The memories must be preserved in a fun, educational and interactive environment. A group of family and friends decided there is a real need to provide a permanent facility to house Iowa racing memorabilia and to provide race fans from the midwest and beyond with an exciting, hands-on approach to experience the history of Iowa racing. This location would also become the home of the all Iowa Hall of Fame to acknowledge, honor and celebrate the true pioneers and legends of all forms of racing in Iowa.

Even with very limited space and just word of mouth advertising, The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum has had visitors from four countries, 18 states and 116
Iowa towns! We are truly spreading the word that the history of racing  in Iowa
deserves to be preserved.

Years before the museum was incorporated, Marty and Nancy Pringle opened their shop, home, out buildings and 10 acres to the public to visit their private collection of race cars, restored and ready to be restored, and racing memorabilia from race drivers, fans, tracks and clubs. They also host an annual racing reunion. The first one, 13 years ago, started with a small group of 30+ drivers that Marty watched race against his Dad in the ’50’s & ’60’s. The get-together has expanded to a group of over 300, including drivers, families and fans from all across Iowa, surrounding states and as far away as Texas.


Did you know?

The Iowa Hall of Fame and Racing Museum, Inc. has more than 30 cars, over 20 fire suits, 25+ helmets, hundreds of pieces of miscellaneous memorabilia and thousands of pictures ready to be moved to a permanent location… a destination for fun and memories… for the past and for the future.

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