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Red Droste

(Waterloo, IA) – Drivers who competed at Tunis Speedway in Waterloo learned quickly that you didn’t mess with Red. The dirt oval, carved out in Jud Tunis’ beloved horse-racing track, could have been named “Droste Speedway” rather than Tunis Speedway. During his long career, Droste made a habit of taking home the lion’s share of the purse offered drivers at the track. But, it wasn’t just at Tunis that Droste was a regular winner, with nearly 700 feature races in a career, Droste won often at several tracks. The Droste name has been around since those early years after World War II ended and the racing ban that went with it was lifted. His son, Steve, began his own motorsports career and now, Red’s grandson, Tyler is among the top up-and-coming modified drivers in Iowa. In fact, the last race Red was able to attend was at Independence Motor Speedway where he watched his grandson Tyler win a championship. You didn’t mess with Red Droste on the race track, he was king of the hill and if you understood that, you’d get along fine. He raced against some of the best Eastern Iowa drivers of all time; he held his own and left a legacy that’ll be hard to match. When drivers of his era gather to talk “shop,” the name “Red Droste” is sure to come up as ranking among the best Iowans of all time.